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What is analyzed?

Our Website Analyzer breaks down the structure and content of your website and evaluates the quality of the structure and content. We test for accessibility, usability and search engine optimization.
Our Social Media Analyzer evaluates content and the strategy behind your social media channels. Design, captions, user engagement and brand identity are the main focus of the evaluation.

How does the report work?

We will create your free performance overall score and ratings for all subcategories. Including SEO, speed, responsiveness, user experience and server.



What is SEO?

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization and includes all means to increase the quality and quantity of visits to the site that came to the site through a search engine.

What is website speed?

Website speed can be described by how fast a website loads (the time it takes to display all contents of a website) or how fast the browser receives the first byte of information from a website.

What is responsiveness?

A responsive website can respond to a number of different devices and display the content of the page anywhere. It looks and navigates just as well on a large LCD screen as on a small smartphone or tablet. Responsive design ensures that a website is accessible from any device.

What is User Experience?

User Experience describes the experience a user has when using a product, application, system or service. The user experience encompasses a wide range of factors. For example: how well a user can navigate the product or how relevant the content displayed is.

Can I see an example report?

Yes, you can download our standard performance report here.

How can I improve the result of my Performance Report?

Depending on which category you want to improve, different measures are necessary. You may have to change your server, use the right keywords for SEO or adapt your website to mobile devices. Whatever you want to optimize, SpoonFeed takes care of every issue and addresses all your needs. Feel free to contact us and we will help you!