SpoonFeed is there when companies want to bring their vision to the digital world!

Making a company digital and real? Not so easy.

Nowadays, it is essential to be present online with your company. Whether it’s a startup or a traditional company, it needs to be present in the digital realm.

However, we know exactly how many hurdles you have to overcome when starting or maintaining a business and far too often we have seen that some do not even manage to implement their vision because the many steps are designed so complicated that failure is inevitable.

We open the gate to the online space and build your personal world!

At SpoonFeed, we don’t want to stand by while so much potential for new businesses is lost, or older businesses can’t keep up in the modern world.
That’s why we founded SpoonFeed, a company that takes care of everything needed for digital success, from creating an online presence to ongoing optimization and support. We want everyone to find a place in the digital world and shape it the way they want.

To help with this very process, we created SpoonFeed, a company that not only makes a vision digital by creating websites, online stores and booking websites, as well as taking care of social media channels but also takes care of them in the long run! We take care of SEO, content updates, ads and much more and all this at affordable prices.

What you get with us?

Website creation

A website is the first place for your business to share info with customers and make the business visible online.
We build creatively designed websites, take care of SEO, plug-ins and site security.


The digital marketplace is open around the clock, especially during Covid-19 digital services have become very important. We create online stores to sell products and services online and accept payments.

Social Media Support

Social media isn’t just a great advertising channel, it’s your opportunity to communicate directly with customers, keep them informed and receive information that can lead to the improvement of your business and its services!

Don’t think about the “how”, focus on your vision!

We support lateral thinkers, visionaries, traditional and small business owners, freelancers and idea creators to give their idea a look and help long existing companies to break new ground and modernize their operations. You are the expert for your project, we are the experts for making your digital dreams come true. Don’t waste any more unnecessary time on “how”!

In our opinion, entrepreneurs have the potential to change the world. We want to give them the tools to do it!

Want to get online but still have more time and energy for your project?

Use SpoonFeed to make your project digital!