We make digital space for YOU!

Bring your brand online with a professional website. Development, maintenance and individual service included. SpoonFeed is your gate to the online world.

We believe that space is limitless and that you can make it your own!

In the digital universe you are free. You get to make your vision real and to find your audience and community. We want every business to be able to step into that limitless world! There are 4.66 billion people using the internet right now and they are getting more and more by the day. The whole planet earth is going online and businesses need to too! SpoonFeeds mission is to make your business or brand digital without any effort from your side.

Lay back and enjoy the new world we build for your brand.

Why SpoonFeed?

Well, would you build your own spaceship?

Probably not, if you aren’t an expert mechanic.
So why build your own website?

Because it’s cheaper you might argue. Our pricing starts at 49€ I tell you.

For just 49€ you will be able to launch your digital world. No time consuming struggle trying to become an expert in web development, web design, SEO and marketing. No more unprofessional websites floating around the digital space like a half blown balloon.

If you want a real planet instead of a balloon that just looks like one (and pops as soon as the internet throws a sharp object at it) you need experts!

SpoonFeed will build your custom website but also take care of maintenance.That means making sure your security, SEO, content and design are always up to date. We will build and sustain a digital world optimized for your brand!



Your website will be ready in 2 weeks


Experts take care of development


Pricing starts at 49€


Customize your page with add-ons


Create your online presence

  • New website
  • Redesign and migration of a website
  • Micro and niche sites
  • Third-party app integration
  • Enables data-driven design
  • Enterprise hosting


Take orders online, or sell products

  • Create campaign landing pages
  • Product landing pages for e-commerce
  • Conceptualize and test more ideas
  • Review designs and analyses
  • Technical facility
  • Connect third-party apps

Social Media

Connect with your customers!

  • Facebook, Instagran and LinkedIn
  • Google Ads and Facebook Ads
  • Make your business better known
  • Gain loyal customers
  • Build a brand presence
  • Create a direct voice


Optimized Templates

Our experts analysed thousands of websites to find the best template for each type of website and every industry, so you do not have to build one from scratch.
Your optimized digital universe is right at your fingertips!


It´s only 49€/month for a website. No hidden costs. Instead you get full service and maintenance.


We will never leave you alone in the digital space! Maintenance of your page is included in all our packages. We take care of SEO, content updates, security and everything else that keeps your page running smoothly.


Running a business and making your vision a reality is already time consuming enough, you do not need to take on the load of developing a website. Our experts took years learning how to code, make sure your website has perfect SEO and is optimized for your consumers. So you do not have to!