Viswaroopam story

Vishwaroopam stills


Viswaroopam story or Vishwaroopam story


Vishwaroopam stills

Vishwaroopam stills


” Vishwaroopam is my seven years dream project and i expect it will also make my fans to feel the same. A Middle class family girl, Nirupama getting married to Vishwanath. During 3 years of lovely marriage life, she is persuading her Ph.d and also searching for jobs. Vishwanath is running a dance academy without the disturbance of her wife. While these are moving, Nirupama gets a new dream life and trying to get away with the relationship between vishwanth and her. She appoint an agent to find the weakness of Vishwanath to give it as reason for divorce. During the investigation agent reports what to nirupama is the story”

- Padma shri Dr.Kamal Hassan, in his fan page in facebook


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